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E. T. Greaves, London Correspondent On NYC & Whitechapel

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  • E. T. Greaves, London Correspondent On NYC & Whitechapel

    Dublin Evening Telegraph
    November 22, 1888

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    "These unfortunates ply their vocation in the open streets, in the hallway of lodging-houses, and in sheltered squares where they can gain privacy. In the bitterest weather they roam homeless, creeping into stairways to sleep...Until these murders began, no policeman disturbed them. So long as they did not quarrel they were allowed to forget their misery in slumber. All that is changed now. The policemen are ordered to rout the unfortunate creatures out..." - E. T. Greaves, Nov 22, 1888.

    Greaves was talking about the Whitechapel Murders and his comment about how unfortunates go creeping into stairways to sleep has caught my eye. Martha Tabram's murder site comes to mind. I wonder if Greaves may have been of the opinion that Tabram was trying to sleep on that stairway or landing.

    He also made the point that the police eventually initiated a policy to drive the unfortunates out of these type of sleeping areas. But that would seem like an enormous task for them to successfully manage every night.


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      Great find, How! Excellent points, Joe. E. Tracy Greaves certainly knew the victims were unfortunates plying their trade. So, the two methods the London’s correspondents used to send stories were cable transmissions for relatively short articles and ship mail for the long articles. If this was sent to the NY World by ship then this story was before E. Tracy Greaves broke the Kumblety story.