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Behind The Sun : The Man Who Investigated Thomas Cutbush

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  • Behind The Sun : The Man Who Investigated Thomas Cutbush

    Might be worthwhile for someone to pursue the identity of the unnamed man.

    Worthing Gazette
    October 21, 1959

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    Nina gave it a shot but couldn't be definite as to who the man was...meant to mention that before. She won't post anything unless that condition is established.


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      His name was Robert Batho, evidently related to a former Lord Mayor of London. The article below is from the Buffalo Evening News, 8 October 1920. The writer David Bullock had previously identified the journalists who had investigated Cutbush as Louis Tracy and Kennedy Jones, but gave no source for this suggestion. RP


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        Outstanding, Rajah ! Thanks


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          It's a little strange that ma Cutbush let Batho spend 'a night or two' (or 13 nights!) in Cutbush's room. But, like they say, journalists will befriend, if only to ultimately betray...


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            In 1886 there was an unidentified writer who wrote a parody of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" using the name "Robert Bathos Stavingson," and I am wondering if this was Robert Batho, using a humorous play on his own name, or was it just a coincidence? (Batho is rather an unfortunate name for a writer! Did his journalism often descend into bathos?)
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