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  • Dinner and Dissection

    The BBC reports concern about a bizarre-sounding event called "Dinner and Dissection", involving a meal followed by the dissection of an imitation human body. The concern is that they are proposing to dissect an imitation Joseph Merrick (the "Elephant Man"):

    Here is a longer report in the Leicester Mercury:

    Interestingly the website advertising the "Dinner and Dissection" events says they also plan to "delve into the world of Jack the Ripper". If they think they can improve things by dissecting imitation Ripper victims instead, I think they're in for a rude awakening:

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    It sounds like some bizarre piece of performance art. Have you got your ticket yet Chris? A snip at 81.99


    " When you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how probably a little bit boring "


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      Samuel Piri, the man who runs this venture, describes himself on his own website as "one of the UK’s leading human anatomists".

      Apparently what this means (looking at his LinkedIn profile) is that he has a bachelor's degree from Sheffield Hallam in what he calls "Anatomy and Human Physiology", but what I would guess the university calls "Biomedical Sciences" (or possibly some variety of Sport Science), followed by one year teacher training, followed by one year teaching in a school.

      Then he became a "TV Presenter". This is perhaps of some of interest to Ripperologists, as he says he worked for 8 months from January to August 2019 and "Presented alongside Scott Wolter in America Unearthed how Jack the Ripper dismembered his victims in Victorian London." Presumably this refers to the episode "The Ripper Unmasked", which according to IMDB was broadcast on 18 June 2019. Though if so it's a bit of a puzzle, as IMDB has quite a full listing of cast and crew, on which his name doesn't even appear:

      Perhaps Mr Piri's claims should be treated with some caution.


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        Jason Colavito gave a scathing review to the Ripper episode of America Unearthed (Arthur Conan Doyle was the suspect discussed):

        It seems that one of Piri's imitation corpses (and presumably Piri himself) did appear in a short segment of the programme. But it's a bit of a stretch from that to 8 months' work as a TV Presenter on your CV!