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The Phenomenon ( 2020 ) & I Know What I Saw ( 2009)

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  • The Phenomenon ( 2020 ) & I Know What I Saw ( 2009)

    On December 15th, as Nina and I were leaving work...we headed towards the US422 West ramp to cross the Schuykill River into Trooper and then from there to Eagleville.

    On the driver's side, while still on the opposite side of the river, we looked towards our left....up in the sky...and there was a solid white if it were a short brush stroke of a white marker or pen.

    It didn't move. It wasn't the residual smoke from anything that may have been flying. It was inert, period. There were no clouds in the sky, period, on that side of the river.

    We crossed the river and drove up 363....turning left on Egypt Road. Driving down Egypt Road, we were parallel to a golf course, when we both looked up and saw not one, but three white marks closer to the ground than what the original mark was when we saw it. They were identical to the original and spaced equally from each other. None moved and none were the residual effect of a plane flying by. Like the first one, they did not move. We just looked at each other and decided to go home and not say anything. At work, when asked, no one who also takes the same route remembers seeing the mark or marks.

    This program, The Phenomenon, is quite simply the best documentary on unidentified objects in our airspace and in some cases, on terra firma, ever made..

    The sequel from 2009, I Know What I Saw
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