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Mad Magazine Archive Issues 1-100

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  • Mad Magazine Archive Issues 1-100

    A little levity can't hurt these days.

    Most people in the States my age...well, the guys, that is....couldn't wait until the next issue of MAD was on the newsstand.

    Mad magazine was founded in 1952 as a comic book, the first issue written almost entirely by its editor Harvey Kurtzman. It became a magazine in 1955 and soon began building up influence and readership with its sharp satire and cheerful daftness.

    The list on this link begins with the October/November 1952 issue and ends with issue 100, January 1966.

    Each issue is available in PDF.....

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    Thanks, How. I used to collect Mad as a kid.

    IMO, Don Martin is a genius.


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      An example:
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        Loved the back page fold ins.
        Thanks for your time,
        dusty miller


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          Don Martin was so popular from his Mad Magazine work that he came out with a handful of paperback books that solely featured his comedy. I read a bunch of his books one summer when I was a kid.

          His writing had a vaudeville quality to it. And just the right amount of slapstick, too. You could look at the first frame of one of his cartoons and start laughing, even if the frame just simply showed a guy walking down the street and whistling to himself. You just knew something crazy was going to happen to the guy.