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American Southern Cooking, y'all

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  • American Southern Cooking, y'all

    Explore of collection of delicious Southern recipes that the whole family will love! Find an array of easy recipes for appetizers, side dishes, beverages, main courses, and more.

    Lots of fine Southern eating here, complete with recipes, and WHO can resist Bacon Apple Pie?

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    We provide food made in the style of what is known as southern cooking to our pets, unwanted visitors, and the homeless up here on the genetically superior East Coast.

    Its also a reason 15 of the most obese States in the USA are Southern states.


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      Says the man who thinks Cheez Whiz is gourmet food.

      Vila's going to put a hurt on you when he sees your Southern slanders.

      A good baking powder biscuit beats a soft pretzel every time. And with less sodium.

      Heh - I can see now why you stopped the count at 15, although even that statement
      15 of the most obese States in the USA are Southern states
      in itself was wrong:

      1 Mississippi 34.9%
      2 Louisiana 33.4%
      3 West Virginia 32.4%
      4 Alabama 32.0%
      5 Michigan 31.3%
      6 Oklahoma 31.1%
      7 Arkansas 30.9%
      8 Indiana and South Carolina 30.8%
      9 Kentucky and Texas 30.4%
      10 Missouri 30.3%
      11 Kansas and Ohio 29.6%
      12 Tennessee and Virginia 29.2%
      13 North Carolina 29.1%
      14 Iowa 29.0%
      15 Delaware 28.8%
      16 Pennsylvania 28.6%

      I think the demographics have a lot to do with it, more so than the cuisine. Otherwise, why on earth would Michigan be in the top 5?

      Certainly, the Southern diet, rich in saturated fat and starchy carbs, causes obesity when uncontrolled, but Texas for example, is awash with Hispanics who use lard in everything. And the 'soul food' culture, coupled with the diet typically associated with low-income, results in across-the-board obesity and diabetes. Brits know all about this themselves.


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        12 out of 15 are Southern states...sue me for guessing too high.
        We have high fat foods too....cheese on a lotta food and of course, scrapple, kielbasa, and all that sort of grub.
        The reason you and Vila, Wescott, & Cousin Malone are little fat shits is that Southerners don't exercise except to go to the outhouse.


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          There may be some truth in that; running while looting and away from inner-city gunfire does keep Pennsylvanians in relatively good condition.

          Try a lot of white bread with your kielbasa and observe the results, Mr. LaLanne.