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How to Make Pancakes - The Victorian Way

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  • How to Make Pancakes - The Victorian Way

    📖Order your copy of Mrs Crocombe’s cookery book here: 📖Join Mrs Crocombe, the Victorian cook, as she prepares some pancakes for Lord ...

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    ...Jack the Flipper!
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen"
    (F. Nietzsche)


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      I think you must have meant Bread Jack.


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        How would be good at this, since he is a first class tosser, but I'm thinking "Blimey, what a lot of washing up."


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          That's pretty much the recipe for crepes.

          My first husband had a Spanish grandmother and she used to make this sort of pancake and roll them with brown sugar in the middle--there is a special brown sugar used in Mexican cooking--and orange juice with the brown sugar.

          So, that stack of layers of pancakes, how would that be served? Cut in wedges or removed individually? I would guess cut in wedges?

          The Russian tradition is blini made with buckwheat flour, and things like sour cream, smoked salmon, etc. can be rolled into the middle. Blini also contain yeast.
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