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    Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
    Don't forget the laverbread!
    Not half! Food of the gods!
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen"
    (F. Nietzsche)


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      Our Christmas starter is usually something seafoody. Smoked salmon/mousse and prawns this year.

      Roast potatoes for the main course, with all the trimmings: turkey, beef veg, devils on horseback etc.

      Then for me a tiny Christmas pud from M&S smothered in Madagascan vanilla custard. I'm the only one who eats Christmas pud in our house.


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        Originally posted by String View Post
        Never mind this shit they’ve taken the fudge out of selection boxes. Where’s my torch and pitch fork.
        Maybe they save millions of dollars by substituting an Oreo based biscuit thing for fudge which would contain more expensive ingredients.

        Oreos show up in everything here. They are good but it seems like there are too many things that now contain them.
        The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


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          Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
          Our regular Sunday tea was 'shrimps and winkles': a pint of brown shrimps, ditto of winkles, brown bread and butter and sticks of celery followed by a slice or two of Battenburg and lashings of Rosie Lee.
          Used to love winkles. My dad would come home from the pub on a Sunday with a container of jellied eels for himself and a small pot of winkles for me.
          "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"