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See the Battle of Gettysburg through Robert E. Lee's Eyes

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  • See the Battle of Gettysburg through Robert E. Lee's Eyes

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    Thanks Tim!


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      Well, I guess this thread is as good as any to post this. I spotted this headline in today's newspaper:

      "Missouri woman believed to be last Civil War widow dies."

      The article informed us that in 1936, a Civil War veteran by the name of James Bolin got married. He was 93 years old and his bride was Helen Viola Jackson, age 17. She passed away on Dec 16, 2020 at the age of 101. She kept the subject matter private for most of her life, but in the past three years she has been getting recognition. She was even given a spot on the Missouri Walk of Fame.

      James Bolin fought on the side of the Union in the Civil War.


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        How about that, Joe ! The old guy's musket must have had enough dry gunpowder left in it to catch a 17 year old !
        Died on my birthday, too.......
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          Hi Howard,

          The newspaper reported that in 1936, Helen's dad volunteered Helen's services to look after the 93 year old Brolin at his home. She'd provide care and she'd help with the chores.

          To show his appreciation, Brolin offered to marry Helen which would allow her to receive his soldier's pension after his death. This was in the midst of the Great Depression, so that was a compelling offer.


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            Thanks Joe ! I should have guessed it was something along those lines. That was a nice gesture on both Helen's and Bolin's part.
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