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This is NOT funny! Snigger, snigger...

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  • This is NOT funny! Snigger, snigger...

    Hi all!

    Just heard about this:

    Undercover cops posing as drug dealers try to arrest other undercover cops
    posing as drug buyers.



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    Presumably the two squads were headed by Frank Drebin and Jacques Clouseau.
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen"
    (F. Nietzsche)


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      I wonder whether the same sort of thing goes on over here, with one of the squads headed by Cressida Dickhead of the Met?

      Sorry, that should read "Cressida Dick, head of the Met."


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        And they have all the latest technology and communication abilities civilization has ever seen. Think about what Swanson was dealing with while coordinating communication between the Met and City police over the Whitechapel murders in the Autumn of 1888, much less surveillance being conducted on "suspects" by each department without the knowledge of the other.
        Best Wishes,
        Cris Malone
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          There was a similar case a few years ago with a predator sting when a "child" and a "predator" were interacting online and the "predator" suggested a meet and when they get there it turns out both sides were cops trying to entrapt each other. Both squads wandered away, forgetting the poor kid they'd brought as a decoy and leaving him in the restaurant on his own.
          "The Men who were not the Man who was not Jack the Ripper!"


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            I'm just trying to imagine all the hilarious consequences of PC Mizen in 1888 trying to 'knock up' a decoy cop dressed as a prostitute.

            Makes me think fondly of dear little Esma Cannon, who was not fooled by Kenneth Connor posing as a Glam Cabs driver in Carry On Cabby.
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