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New Deadly Virus is Spreading/ Covid19 Pandemic 2020

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  • There are a total of 47 cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania. Of those, 20 are in Montgomery County and six are in Delaware County.

    42 percent of Pennsylvania's cases are within a 7 mile radius of JTRForums World HQ here in Eagleville...

    Might have Monday off if our plant ( non-essential ) closes for the day.
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    • These two tents shown in the video in the previous post are 1/2 mile from my house on Crawford Road. They've been there for 5 days...Nina and I have passed by them on our route home and sort of figured they were for the Coronavirus.

      Lady in the local Walgreen's Pharmacy ( I stocked up on prescriptions today for two months....Walgreen's is very good about all this) was wearing gloves...looked at me like I was Jack The Ripper ( which I sort of do ) when in line.
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      • All of Pennsylvania
        *The Wolf Administration strongly encourages the suspension of large gatherings, events, conferences of 250 individuals or more.

        *The Wolf Administration discourages individuals from traveling to recreational activities like gyms, movie theaters and shopping malls.

        *The Wolf Administration encourages religious leaders to exercise discretion in order to mitigate the spread of illness.

        *Initiated a no-visitor policy at all State correctional facilities and nursing homes to ensure the safety of inmates, residents, staff and visitors.

        *Restricted visitors in state centers effective today to ensure health and safety for individuals with an intellectual disability.

        *Restricted visitors in assisted living and personal care homes to minimize exposure to our seniors and individuals with disabilities.

        When the Spanish Flu kicked in in the 'teens, Philadelphia dropped the ball where St. Louis didn't. Philly didn't cancel tours and events where St. Louie did. The result was a 50 percent difference in the number of people in hospital beds.
        My Uncle Harmar died from Spanish Flu in 1920 at the age of 6.
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        • San Francisco also took drastic measures during the 1918 flu and did better than other places. WWI and U.S. government obfuscation and deception played heavily into the terrible spread and mortality of that disease. That is why we still call it Spanish flu, because Spain had the guts to print the truth.

          My grandfather, an adult, had it but continued to work on the docks in Astoria, Oregon. (His work had to do with guiding ships into the docks and he was on call.) Mom thought this weakened his lungs but he lived a good life well into his 90's. Apparently none of the rest of the family got it.

          The latest government strategy is to give us all the opportunity to catch the disease but they want us to do it in a slower, orderly fashion so the hospitals don't collapse. Not to mention that hospitals, according to one source, make most of their money on elective surgeries and these can't take place if hospitals are full of sick people.

          The good news from here is, as of now, no new cases in eastern Oregon--still only the two in Weston, Umatilla County--and still none in Idaho.

          I wish the best for everyone. How: good point about stocking up on needed medications if you can. I just went through the difficulties of getting my doctor to AGAIN prescribe the beta blocker in a 3 month supply. Something messed up last year & the Rx was for 1 month refills. Annoying & glad I fussed till I got it changed. Lots of pharmacies also have drive up/through services. An awful lot of shopping can be done at a distance now so it is a good time to find out how much can be delivered to the home, picked up at a drive through, etc.
          The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript


          • Number of confirmed cases here is still relatively low, but all the experts are predicting that it hasn't hit its "peak" yet and that the numbers will rise quite dramatically before they fall again. Most major sporting codes have banned fan attendance at games, and some have banned the games from going ahead altogether. Haven't really noticed any businesses closing up yet, most are continuing on as normal but there are very strict protocols being put in place. Did I see that the numbers of new cases in China are dropping? Here's hoping that's the case and that'll be replicated elsewhere. Certainly a lot of misinformation about the virus which isn't helping, it's something of an unknown quantity.

            Still, we keep hearing of cases where people who are supposed to be in quarantine continue going out in public - you can have as many processes in place as you like, you can never fully eradicate the element of human stupidity unfortunately (see stocking up on toilet paper).



            • Meanwhile, at Walmart...

              Best Wishes,
              Cris Malone
              "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


              • Originally posted by Adam Went View Post
                Did I see that the numbers of new cases in China are dropping? Here's hoping that's the case and that'll be replicated elsewhere. Certainly a lot of misinformation about the virus which isn't helping, it's something of an unknown quantity.

                Yes - there is virtually no detectable transmission within Mainland China now. In Hubei province, which was the original centre of transmission, there were only 4 new cases yesterday, compared with nearly 4000 a day at the height of the epidemic.

                In the rest of China the last I heard was only 0 or 1 cases per day transmitted in China, but with other imported cases (of course they are now putting arrivals in quarantine).

                That is not anything to do with the epidemic having burned itself out or herd immunity or anything like that. They stopped it when only a tiny percentage of the population had been infected (0.1% in Hubei province on official figures, though I would guess that only a minority of cases were detected there).


                • Other pandemics.



                  • When doing my family tree a few years ago I noticed that one of my 3X great grandfathers had had a previous wife and family 200 years ago but they had all died within a period of four months. This was a young woman and two little girls, one an infant. Further investigation led me to a website that listed all known epidemics and this revealed that hardly a year went by without an epidemic from the Black Death up until the Spanish Flu. At the time of their deaths a cholera epidemic was raging and that is what they almost cerainly died from.


                    • Northern Ireland's elderly to be asked to self-isolate for four months as UK ramps up measures to tackle pandemic



                      • I see the state has asked Howard to self isolate, nothing to do with coronavirus.


                        • Might have to do just that, a high school girl who lives in Eagleville has it....another one to add to the total around here.
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                            • Make a difference

                              OK. To all of you on here. Especially those in England and the USA... 💙

                              Norway is in lockdown. Nothing is open except supermarkets and essential services. Schools, pubs, churches, mosques, restaurants, libraries, all CLOSED. ALL travel in and out of the country has virtually stopped. Many are working from home. 💙

                              Most of us are staying at home anyway, even if, LIKE ME, NO symptoms of the virus HAVE yet started. 💙

                              When this situation comes to you, in your area/country, please, please, PLEASE do not react with panic. 💙

                              Phone loved ones, friends. If you are, like me, past 60 and, like me, in a high risk group, someone WILL help you to get your shopping. 💙

                              If you need help, for Christ's sake ASK someone. Leaving bags of food at your door is better than risking that you go out, and risking your life by contracting the virus, AND passing it on to others. Let's be realistic.. This could last months. That's realistic, not hysteria. 💙

                              SO.... We all need to make a difference. We ALL need to be sensible. Compare it to Live Aid.. 1985.. But this time WITHIN your community, on YOUR doorstep. You CAN make a difference... YOU... one person....💙

                              The more people that do this, the best chance of slowing down the spread of the virus, and the more lives you can save. INCLUDING YOUR OWN. INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY. INCLUDING YOUR FRIENDS. ❤️💙

                              That's the realism. No panic. No hoarding. People WILL help you get your food and TOILETRIES. 💙

                              For God's sake DON'T take this lightly. It won't just go over.

                              Stay well everyone. Stay safe. Don't do the stupid thing. Do the SENSIBLE THING. 💙

                              ONE person, YOU... CAN make a difference in how you act. 💙❤️

                              Heartfelt kind wishes to you all from me 💙❤️...
                              And Yes.. I'm fine at the moment. 💙
                              from was written in the stars


                              • Excellent, Phil!

                                We have 5 cases in Idaho, all in or near heavy population centers. There is a known origin for one case and she has self quarantined from the beginning.

                                One confirmed case is in Boise which is an ant hill of population.

                                Oregon has a first death connected to a veterans' home on the west side. There are still only two cases in Umatilla county and the virus does not seem to be spreading from there or up and down the border area. I still find that hopeful, that this stuff, though deadly, needs close contact to infect in many or most cases.

                                There is an NPR article about U.S. stockpiles of medicines, masks, field hospitals and even toilet paper. I mess up links so bad I won't try with this one but it is interesting.
                                The wickedness of the world is the dream of the plague.~~Voynich Manuscript