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**The Men Who Would Be Ripper- A To Z List**

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  • **The Men Who Would Be Ripper- A To Z List**

    I'm currently organizing the 'Men Who Would Be The Ripper' section in our Suspects section and posting the men...and occasional woman's...names in alphabetical order with locations and the dates that the articles appeared.

    These people either called themselves 'Jack The Ripper' or a derivative....or were known as Jack the Ripper by people who were acquainted with them.
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    Thanks, Howard! Lots of work but well worth it, imo.


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      Fantastic list, Howard. Thank you for compiling and posting.


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        I've completed the available names on The Forums....knowing full well that it will be updated.

        I'm posting two lists for your files.

        I didn't add the Tunbridge Wells duo, one of whom wrote a letter to the local press claiming to be 'Another Whitechapel Murderer'.....the letter received a few days after the Tabram murder.

        I added one or two entries in which crowds, often large ones, boasted that the person in question was Jack The Ripper.

        There are several women on the list, as you can see.

        Many thanks to those who contributed names to the list. This project was started six years ago ( June 2012 ) and will continue to be updated.

        List 1 :


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          List 2
          Women in red

          Akehurst, Chas 1888 Canterbury Rd.
          Alexander, Samuel 1891 Massachusetts
          Anderton, Mark 1889 Burnley
          Ashworth, Eliza. 1889 Peterborough
          Avery, John 1888 Willesden
          Baird, John 1889 Arbroath
          Banstead Patients 1891 London
          Barker, Arthur 1903 Woking
          Barker, Charles 1895 Eugene, Ore., USA
          Barlow, Sgt. Rich 1891 Manchester
          Barrett, Wm. 1889 Whitechapel
          Baseley, Knightley 1894 Earl's Court Gardens
          Battison, John See Patterson, John
          Be_enden, Louisa 1888 Ramsgate
          Bennett, John 1889 Notting Hill
          Bennett, Wm. 1890 Weston-super-Mare
          Birchin, ? 1888 Portsmouth
          Blake, Richard 1888 Wellington
          Blanchard, Alb. 1888 Birmingham
          Bolton, George 1888 Hartlepool
          Bond, Charles 1890 Fresno, Cal. USA
          Booth, Richard 1893 Penygraig
          Bowling, ? 1889 Burton-on-Trent
          Brett, Fred. 1889 Halifax
          Brew, William 1910 Workington
          Brinckley, John 1888 Clerkenwell
          Brodie, William 1889 Whitechapel
          Brown, John 1895 Eugene, Ore., USA
          Brown, Thomas 1903 London ( originally from Australia )
          Brown, Wm. 1889 Edinburgh
          Burrows, William 1906 Nottingham
          Butcher, Herb. 1889 Whitstable
          Butler, George 1888 Central London
          Canlan, Dennis 1889 Newport
          Carr, Mary 1889 Dundee
          Carr, Rose Ann 1889 Dundee
          Cent.Police Stat. 1888 Philadelphia, Pa. USA
          Chapman, Wm. 1902 Leeds
          Charles, Henry 1889 Edgware Road
          Chatterton, Percy 1889 Sydenham
          Clark, George 1890 Essex
          'Clark St. Man' 1889 Chicago, Ill., USA
          Clarkson, John 1892 Wilkes-Barre,Pa., USA
          Cloran, Jos. 1888 Montreal
          Compton, Jos. 1890 Birmingham
          Congdon, James 1891 Philadelphia, Pa., USA
          Cook, William 1894 Bridgeport, Ct., USA
          Cooke, Emily 1889 Doncaster
          Cooper, John 1890 Warrina, Australia
          Corbett, Charles 1890 Portland Place
          Corns, George 1890 Faddiley
          Corrigan, John 1888 Stourbridge
          Cousins, Nath'l 1889 Ide
          Covington, J. M. 1896 Los Angeles, Cal., USA
          Cox, Oliver 1893 Penarth
          Crown, Richard 1889 Dundee
          Darby, James 1889 Nottingham
          'Dark & 35' 1888 East End
          Davidson, John 1888 Whitechapel
          Davis, John 1889 Clay Cross
          Davies, John 1891 Llanelly
          Denker, Harry 1889 East End
          Devine, Michael 1888 Glasgow
          Donald, Peter 1888 Albert Docks
          'Dr. On Commercial St.' 1888 Whitechapel
          'Dudley Brewer' 1893 Dudley
          'Dungannon Tramp' 1888 Dungannon
          Dunn, Peter 1888 Glasgow
          Dupere. Thomas 1892 Liverpool
          Edwards, Frank 1959 London
          English, Edward 1894 London
          Farley, James 1893 Dundee
          Featherstone, Alfred 1895 Battersea
          Ferguson, Wm. 1889 Pembrokeshire
          Findlay, George 1889 Aberdeen
          Fitzmaurice, J A 1889 Cardiff
          Foy, John 1888 Broxton
          "French" 1891 Maidstone
          Freshwater, Har't 1888 Sheering
          Fullerton, Robt. 1888 Belfast
          Gallagher, Pat'k 1888 Boughton
          Gee, Mr. 1892 Gloucester
          Gempton, Walter 1889 Grimsby
          Gibbs, Matthew 1888 Notting Hill
          Gilbert, William 1889 Piccadilly
          Glen, James 1889 Glasgow
          Graham , Benj. 1888 Clerkenwell
          Grant, Alex'dr 1888 Edinburgh
          Gregor, Robt. 1889 Quaylane
          Griffiths, Wm. 1888 Islington
          Gyrspeerdt, Rich. 1891 Lewisham
          Hall, Frank 1888 Peckham
          Hall, Jabez 1894 Barrowford
          Hambler, Edw. 1889 Ratcliff
          Hamlett, George 1890 Short Heath
          Hankinson, Edw. 1889 Liverpool
          Hansom, Robt. 1888 Jarrow
          Hargreaves, Mark 1889 Rotherham
          Harris, John 1889 Commercial Street
          Harvey, John 1891 North London
          Hawkes, Geo. 1888 Birmingham (England)
          Hayes, Dan 1889 Boston (Massachusetts)
          Haynes, William 1892 Birmingham
          Heap, James 1888 Burnley
          Henderson, Steph. 1896 Oakland, Cal., USA
          Henry, Thos. 1914 Hull
          Henson, John 1891 Derby
          Herring, Wm. 1888 Essex
          Hermann, Chas. 1905 New York City
          Hertzberg,Michael 1888 Whitechapel
          Hewson, Mrs. 1893 Leamington Spa
          Heywood, Thomas 1889 Burton-on-Trent
          Hill, John 1891 India Docks
          Hill, Walter 1889 Highbury
          Hilton, Benson 1888 West Hartlepool
          Hefferon, Thos. 1889 Whitechapel
          Holland, John 1889 Kirkintilloch
          Hornsey, Wm. 1889 Seaham Harbour
          Howarth, Thos. 1888 Padiham
          Hudson, Mr. 1888 Burnley
          Humphreys, Harry 1888 Strand
          Hurst, Phil. 1888 Kilburn
          Jenkins, James 1890 Whitechapel
          Johnson, Henry 1888 New York City
          Johnson, Jack 1931 Old Hill(UK)
          Johnson, John 1901 Sheffield
          Jones,John Solomon1888 Liverpool
          Jones, Tom 1889 Pinner
          Jones, Tom 1889 Pontypridd
          Keen, John 1900 Mountain Ash
          Kershaw, Wm. 1888 Dublin
          Kitchener, Edward 1909 Luton
          Lang, Sarah 1889 Brooklyn
          Langhorn, John 1888 Montreal
          Lapworth, James 1893 Burford
          Larmonth, Edw. 1888 Auckland
          Lewendon, Arthur 1908 Kingston-on-Thames
          Lewery, Thomas 1903 Heyward's Heath
          Long, John, 1889 Whitechapel
          MacAllister, Sam. 1890 Traralgon, Victoria, Australia
          McBeth, James 1888 Oldmeldrum,Scotland
          Mcpherson, Don. 1889 Dunblane
          Malbert, George 1888 Oxford
          McCarthy, Felix 1888 Newport
          McCarthy, Mich. 1888 Bermondsey
          McCully, John Amos 1893 Portobello
          McGucker, Patrick 1888 Belfast
          McMillan, John 1888 Glasgow
          Malone, James 1891 Liverpool
          Man From Adelong 1889 Adelong, NSW, Australia
          Manning, Wm. 1888 Leamington Spa
          Mardol, Man In 1888 Shrewsbury
          Marshall, John 1889 Cheapside
          Martin, Charles 1891 Surrey
          Martin, Geo. 1889 Great Wigston
          Martin, James 1889 Derby
          Matthews, Alf. 1889 Erdington
          Molin, Thos. 1889 Montreal
          Mooney, William 1889 Dundee
          Morson, Edward 1888 South London
          Moses, William 1888 Hackney
          Mullen, Mike 1889 Lochee, Scotland
          Murry, John 1888 Enfield
          'Negro Servant' 1889 Cumberland, Md.,USA
          Nield, Thomas 1890 Little Budworth
          Nelson, Charles 1889 Toronto
          Newman, John 1888 Southwark
          Nicol, John 1889 Paisley
          Noble, Fred. 1889 Halifax, Eng.
          Norton, John 1893 Clapton
          Nugent, Thos. 1890 Manchester
          O'Brien , John 1889 Toronto
          Olson, Olaf 1888 Cambria
          Omaha Man 1889 Omaha, Neb. USA
          'Oulie' 1889 Aveyron
          Pasco, Isaac 1888 Chester
          Patterson, John 1891 Doncaster
          Payne, Geo. 1888 Harrow Road
          Pearson, Alfred 1888 Brierly Hill
          'Peckam Hrdrssr' 1888 Peckham
          Peel, Arundel 1889 Portsmouth
          Perryman, John 1888 Lambeth
          Pettit, William 1889 Hammersmith
          Pike, George 1889 Reading
          Pratt, William 1890 Leeds
          Rapsong, William 1889 Faversham
          Readersdorf, Fred. 1888 Rochdale
          Rees, Evan 1891 Newport
          Rees, Margaret 1901 Wales
          Reynolds, Jos. 1889 Barnsley
          Rigg of S'derland 1888 Sunderland
          Rip, John 1889 Ilkeston
          Roebuck, Thos. 1889 Barnsley
          Root, Harriet 1889 Coggeshall
          Rorke, Stephen 1888 Manchester
          Rowlands, John 1890 Llechynfarwy
          Royall, John 1889 Southwark
          Saltney man 1891 Saltney
          Saunderson, Reg. 1894 Kensington
          Scar, Samuel 1890 Whitehall (London)
          Sheehan, John 1895 New York City, USA
          Shaw, Henry 1910 Los Angeles, Cal., USA
          Sheals, Wm. 1889 East End
          'Shefld Hubby' 1889 Sheffield
          Slingsby, Wm. 1888 Retford
          Smith, Ellen 1888 Waterford
          Smith, Fran. Geo. 1889 South London
          Smith, John 1890 Belper
          Smith, William 1904 London
          Smith, Thos. 1889 Brooklyn, N.Y., USA
          Smith, Thos. 1889 St. Stephens ( U K)
          Smythe The Tramp 1889 Nottinghamshire
          Stables, Maria 1889 Keighley
          Standen, Charles 1888 Derby
          St, Buryan man 1888 St. Buryan
          Stevenson, John 1889 Glasgow
          Stewart, John 1888 Glasgow
          Sullivan, George 1891 Whitechapel
          Taffs, Frederick 1894 Plaistow
          Taite, John 1889 Southwark
          Tanner, Robert 1888 Penarth
          Taylor, Chas. 1888 Yorkshire
          Thomas, Chas. 1888 St. Pancras
          Thomas, David 1889 Balham
          Thompson, J.H. 1890 Beckford-by-Chester
          Thompson, Jos. 1889 Vancouver, B.C. Canada
          Thomson, Chas. 1888 Nottingham ( as Leather Apron )
          Tom's River Tramp 1897 Tom's River, New Jersey, USA
          Trow, Morris 1897 Cilfynyd
          Tyson, John 1888 Tooting
          Vallance, Eliza. 1889 Rotherham
          Vann, Harry 1888 Neath
          Vincent, Frank 1892 New York City, USA
          'Wandering Tramp' 1893 Redbrook/River Wye
          Ward, Joseph 1888 Wakefield
          Warner, Harry 1888 Canewdon
          Watson, Stephen 1889 Durham County
          Weiss, Alfred 1890 Thaxted
          Weldon, John Woolwich 1888
          'West Coast Strangler' 1896 San Francisco, Cal., USA
          Whitecross, Dvd. 1888 Dundee
          Whitehead, Chas. 1889 Stockton
          Whiting, Charles 1890 East Harling
          Whittington, Wm. 1888 Stratford-on-Avon
          Whitwell, Wm. 1890 Poplar
          Williams, James 1889 Manchester
          Williams, John 1888 Chorley
          Williams, Jos. 1891 Cardiff
          'Wilson' 1888 Belfast
          Winsland, ? 1906 Colchester
          Wood, Bern.Geo. 1889 Southwark
          Wood, John William 1889 Salford
          Woods, Jos. 1888 Portsmouth ( as the Whitechapel Murderer )
          'Workhouse Jack' 1888 Tipperary
          Worse, John 1892 Buffalo, N.Y., USA
          Woods, Joseph 1888 Portsmouth


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            Amazing! Gives you some idea of how significant the Ripper scare was - worldwide.


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              Yes, it's a fantastic list. Thanks How. Can anybody spot any Jewish sounding names?


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                Thanks Gary & Scott...

                It should be noted that in almost every case in which one of these men & women got their tit in the ringer over claiming to be the killer .....there was a confrontation....either an emotionally vocal one on the verge of violence or one of real violence. None of that 'guy sitting in a tappy drinking a beer and telling the guy next to him he's the Ripper' sort of thing.

                The entry which says :

                'Dr. On Commercial St.' 1888 Whitechapel

       William Holt


                So I'm looking for Jews as requested...and I see Michael Hertzberg ( Paul has an entry on him in his book). He might be
                By this time, Jewish people in the UK had surnames which weren't Jewish in origin...such as the cop who shot himself ( Richard Brown) or arch-criminal Adam Worth ( A. C. Doyle used him as a model for his Moriarty )...

                Why ? You see any I overlooked ?


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                  Thomas Phillips

                  Although he threatened to serve his wife like the women in Whitechapel had been served....his crimes came before the release of the name 'Jack The Ripper' in the press.

                  Bournemouth Guardian
                  October 6, 1888


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                    Charles Whiting

                    I'll add this charmer to the major list

                    Diss Express
                    September 5, 1890


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                      Birchin Of Portsmouth

                      Dublin Evening Telegraph
                      October 17, 1888


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                        William Kershaw, Dublin

                        Dublin Evening Telegraph
                        November 8, 1888


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                          Dan Hayes

                          'North End' of Boston, Mass.

                          Boston Globe
                          August 16, 1889


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                            Samuel Alexander

                            Alexander not only claimed to be JTR but said he was ought to capture JTR....but sadly murdered an innocent fellow on the street.

                            Boston Globe
                            July 22, 1891


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                              Thomas Brown

                              Daily Mail
                              April 27, 1903


                              Daily Mail
                              April 3, 1903