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    It seems unlikely to me that Jack had an accomplice. If you look at the history of serial killers of the nature of Jack I don't believe any of them used accomplices? By their very nature psychopaths are usually loners. Back then in the dingy streets of Whitechapel you could literally get away with murder if you blended in. Perhaps if the motive had been robbery a lookout might of been beneficial, but as we know that was not the case, Jack was a deranged killer (putting it mildy), and as his motive appeared no more complex that sexually induced carnage I cannot imagine what an accomplice would have achieved other than to make him exceedingly vulnerable to being ratted on as his crimes became more and more deranged.
    No he was alone imo. He lived locally and knew the area very well like the back of his hand. He was also aware of the clockwork like regime of the bobbies on their beats, and knew exactly what window of opportunity that offered. He didn't need to rely on a lookout as doing so would have essentially meant he had a witness who could easily turn against him for a reward. Besides how on earth would Jack have talked anybody into helping his atrocious crimes? It would have had to be a fellow psychopath and they are extremely rare people thank goodness.


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      There have been pairs of serial killers but I do not think JtR had a partner. I suspect he got liquored up at the pub, wandered the streets around closing time & attacked women who got in his path. I imagine he had a cunning sense of the area, not necessarily technical knowledge of police beats. The Lipski trial on the Old Bailey site gave me a good idea of how the likes of JtR could seem to be a disappearing phantom of the foggy, dark streets. People who intimately knew the streets knew what buildings with rented rooms could be entered and exited. Think Hanbury Street and Anniw Chapman.
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        I do recall that when I was interested in the Tomkins brothers as possible suspects Howard came up with an example of 2/3 young American brothers who were jointly involved in a series of murders. I can’t remember the details.