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Pennies for Your Thoughts: The Free 51-Page Document

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  • Pennies for Your Thoughts: The Free 51-Page Document

    Pennies for Your Thoughts:
    Coins, and Their Purchasing Power
    in the Streets of Victorian Whitechapel
    By William E. Hart

    For those fascinated by the mysteries of, "The Autumn of Terror," and the "Jack the Ripper" murders.

    This 51-page document, which is now freely available for downloading by anyone interested in Victorian Life in the East End of London, grew, little by little, from my initial plan of a very simple list of Farthing, Half Penny and Penny items available to the inhabitants of Whitechapel in and around 1888, into a far more extensive, two-part list; the first part organized by prices, and the second part, listing everything, fully organized alphabetically for ease in finding items for future reference.

    Most of the official online information collected on the price of goods in Victorian London, relates to household weekly or annual expenditures; and has very little to do with the products, services, and entertainment purchased, and the prices paid, by those living “on the street,” or sleeping in Doss Houses; so I had to search wherever I could for any mention of the prices paid for individual items.

    I hope the information I have collected in this document will give everyone a much better understanding of Life on the streets in Victorian Whitechapel; and that it will lead to new discussions, documents, publications and theories!

    This is intended to be a living document, so, all additions and corrections are welcome. Please send your notes to me at willhart*@*roadrunner*.*com without the asterisks; and I will update this for future releases.

    Pennies for Your Thoughts 10-March-2019:

    Pennies for Your Thoughts Front Cover 10-March-2019 458kb


    "Pennies for Your Thoughts: The Poster," a companion piece to the 51-page "Pennies for Your Thoughts" document, is also still available for downloading at:


    This Conversation Starter 24" x 36" Poster is 27.1mb, and too large to pass around by email.

    I made it 7200 x 10800 pixels for printing a 24" x 36" poster at 300 d.p.i..

    If you live near a Costco, they will print a beautiful copy for you for under $13.00, including tax.

    The "Thumbnail" I'm including with this message (if possible), or linking below, is 1080 x 1620 pixels; and just enough to give you an idea of how the actual poster will look.


    Hang one of these posters anywhere you'd like to start a conversation about "The Autumn of Terror," and the questions will begin.

    Please Note: The poster photo that I have attached to this post is nothing more than a low-resolution thumbnail. To see the real poster, in full resolution, please click on the following link:


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    Thanks very much, Will ! Very generous, sir.

    The document must have taken you some time to organize....very nicely laid out & informative.
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      Thank You for Your Comment on Pennies for Your Thoughts

      Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
      Thanks very much, Will ! Very generous, sir.

      The document must have taken you some time to organize....very nicely laid out & informative.
      Dear How,

      Even though my little document may have taken up quite a bit of my recent retirement time, it doesn't compare to all of the time and effort you have put into JTR discussions; but it does make me very proud to have it warmly received here!