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Murder Stats In Victorian England

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  • Murder Stats In Victorian England

    Hello, I'm trying to find accessible murder stats in Victorian England, from around 1865 to 1905, and to be able to see differentiation between London and the whole of England. I know that the Home Office Judicial Statistics annual 'blue book' report should detail this but I am unable to access it on line as it seems only students from Oxford University or members of the Bodliean library can have access (bizarrely and rather unfairly). Does anyone know where I can get this information from on line as an alternative? I've been searching for 2 days now and I can get details of England and Wales (but no London) from 1898 but nothing more. Cheers muchachos.

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    Hi Suzie,
    You may have tried this already, and I don't know if London stats alone are given but Colin Roberts (Septic Blue on Casebook) used to use the Reports of the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for his stats on different types of homicide and deaths in general. He had his own forum on here so you might be able to find some useful links from one of his posts. Internet Archive has several years available of this book.


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      Thanks Debs, I have seen a lot about Colin, I just couldn't find anything specific, only bits and pieces. I shall take another look. Frustrating innit!


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        Found them! Thank you!