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Element 22- Effect On Other Municipalities

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  • Anna Morris
    Somewhere in this forum I posted a small clip about women and children who had left the East End to another municipality and how the influx had caused difficulties. I don't remember where I posted it but feel fairly certain it would have been clipped from the Welsh papers if you run into it.

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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic Element 22- Effect On Other Municipalities

    Element 22- Effect On Other Municipalities

    I didn't post the entire article as it dealt with a political gathering of the city council of Hastings.
    This small excerpt demonstrates the ( in this instance, near instant ) impact the murders had on other cities and towns in Britain....possibly extending to nations outside the U.K.
    Hastings is on the southeast coast of England.....53 miles from London.

    Hastings & St. Leonard's Observer
    Hastings, England
    October 27, 1888