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Element 24 - Catch Phrases

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  • Element 24 - Catch Phrases

    This is almost an extension of Element 23- Part of the Vernacular.

    This idea came to mind while reading a news article from the "South Wales Echo." In 1892 someone wrote and submitted a "Ripper" letter and of course it started "Dear Boss". People of the time and people today who haven't researched deeply, think they know just how "Jack" used the language. If YOU want to "prove" you have written an "authentic" Ripper letter, by all means begin with the Americanism, "Dear Boss". If the letter is long enough, be sure to use "boss" a couple more times such as, "dear old boss".

    Other examples might start with "The Ripper" and "Ha-Ha." If the Ripper is caught he will be "buckled". "Down on whores" is a good motive for the crimes. There must be others.

    The funny part is we have no idea who wrote the first couple letters but the public imagination must have somewhat accepted that they were from the killer and therefore it was known how JtR expressed himself.


    (What if the Lusk letter had been the first received and published? Can we see any comparison between grammar and spelling in the Lusk letter and the GSG? Is it possible the writer of the Lusk letter would think "Juwes" was a correct spelling? I am off topic here but it is an interesting thought.)
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