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New ripper-related illustration.

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  • New ripper-related illustration.

    hi guys,

    i don't know if anybody of you already knows this cartoon - i think the majority doesn't?! just dug it out from a 1936 true-crime book and wanted to share it with you.
    excuse the bad quality, but i compressed it for faster loading times...

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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for posting that up! I must say that no, I've never seen that illustration before, but it is a very good one.
    I wonder if that drawing was meant to be of a particular victim? The caption suggests it probably wasn't, but you never know!
    Either way, well done on that find!



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      Hi Thomas,

      I hadn;t seen that one until you posted it online. It's a nice one. Are you going to use that in your book?


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        Nice picture all around: perfect for an illustrated book, simple composition yet still evocative of the era, and very provocative with its overt sexual symbolism.


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          The woman in the above photo is quite attractive and this is not a true reflection of what an East End prostitute would have appeared. Usually, prostitutes of this ilk would have dirty faces, poor hygiene, missing teeth, bruises, or have been severely underweight from malnutrition. Thus, this is not a truthful depiction of an East End prostitute in 1888. I still find it frustrating how artists romanticize the appearance of these women to satiate the male fantasy woman being murdered by the freakishly, rabid, drooling, John Merrick-looking serial killer. In all likelihood, Jack The Ripper was more attractive than his victims!!