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Discussing Robert Clack's "Murder,Death,& The Lodging House"

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  • Robert Linford
    Rob, Naomi's story looks a sad one. As far as I can make out, she married a man called Henry Letherbarrow and they had four children, but she died giving birth to the fourth. The child also died. By 1911 two of the other three children were in Lambeth workhouse. I think Henry Letherbarrow remarries a little later.

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  • Rob Clack
    Here's a drawing of Mary Ann Austin from Lloyds Weekly News, Sunday 9 June 1901

    Mary Ann Austin from Lloyds Weekly News Sunday 9 June 1901.jpg

    Hopefully one day I will be able to update my Mary Ann Austin article as I've found some new stuff.
    Mainly I've been trying to find out a bit more about her past.

    I believe she was born
    Mary Ann Mealey c1874
    Her father was Anthony Mealey and mother was Elizabeth.

    In 1881 they were living at 7 Chippenham Place, Willesden.
    Anthony Mealey was 51 and a General Labouer
    Elizabeth Mealey was 47 a shop keeper
    there was also a older brother and sister:
    Henry aged 12
    Naomi aged 10
    Mary Ann was aged 8 in the census and was born in Chelsea, and there was also a younger brother
    Frederick aged 6.

    I had a bit of trouble finding her in the 1891 Census but I believe she is listed as Emily Mealey aged 19 at the Shaftesbury Arms, Shaftesbury Street in Shoreditch, she is listed as a domestic servant born in Chelsea so details basically match.

    Mary Ann married William Austin 10 December 1893 her age is listed as 19. Her father was deceased and her brother Henry was a witness.
    The wedding took place in the Parish Church, Battersea.

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  • Discussing Robert Clack's "Murder,Death,& The Lodging House"

    Thread to discuss Robert's work on the murder of Mary Ann Austin from back in 2005.