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  • Robert Linford
    How, I guess they all came and went at different times, hence the pointlessness of having bolts on the door.

    I suspect, but don't know, that the women in particular would have had a pot ot maybe a commode, and then emptied it into the WC.


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  • Howard Brown
    started a topic Hanbury Street Loo

    Hanbury Street Loo

    I've looked around and cannot determine at what time girls/women began work at the local cigar and match factories in the East End. Even reading some material from Louise Raw didn't help.

    The reason I started this thread is that in re-examining the individuals who lived in ( 17 to be exact...) 29 Hanbury Street,,,,it struck me that if the loo was operative or usable in the backyard...this only increases the risk factor during the execution of the murder on Sept.8th.

    Most of us are up and about at 5:00 to 6:00 and its unnecessary, I suppose, to mention that we all make a trip to the lavoratory to do our respective business.

    Yet....not one person seems to have used the loo between this hour who lived there.

    When the police questioned the individuals within the building...I wonder if the residents were asked the question..."did you use the loo in the backyard at such and such time?" We know they were obviously asked if they heard anything....but damn it,did they ask 'em about the loo ? Perhaps due to Victorian morality ?

    Any advice on obtaining hours of operation for some of the factories ( cigar,shoe,match,etc...) in the East End ?