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    Take a good look

    Hello everyone,
    I am sure many of you will have seen the new enhanced photograph of the scene at millers court, and I believe a important clue is now evident.
    If one looks carefully , one can most definately see a wollen pattern on Kellys right leg, one can see the pattern, and the stitching.
    Until that enhancement, one only could see what many described as either a garter of some description , or a circular cut[ my interpretation is the former], but now the material is most visable.
    I have recently submitted a post to Casebook, refering to this, and what implications this could have in attempting to deciver the riddle of that eventful night/morning.
    I look upon Millers court as a crime scene, and taking everything avaliable, which include the one sock on, the positioning of the bedroll, the positioning of the bolster[ yes actually does exist] the location of her clothes and footware, the weather conditions [ as is known] at 1130am, 2am, 8am. and by taking everthing that is shown in the photographs, also one should not forget the statement of Maxwell, also the inquest witnesses, and a fascinating interpretation by Mrs Prater, one can make positive suggestions.
    That Mjk was attacked whilst on the bed and in a near completed state of undress.
    That this attack was not carried out whilst the victim was asleep, thus a intruder should be ruled out.
    The cry heard around 4am was not a result of a physical attack on Mary kelly.
    The positioning of the bedroll would indicate that the bed was in not required mode, therefore indicating that sleep time was not eminent, implying a possibility of a daylight assault.
    The positioning of her clothes and boots would indicate that they were near the fireplace, which would imply that it was kelly herself that lit a fire, also the kettle apparently melted as a result of the fire on that occassion, as it was not mentioned by Harvey/Barnett of it being on another day.
    We know that the weather conditions were wet between the hours of 730am-onwards by the actions of Mrs Pickard, and her attempt to borrow kellys shawl, but it does not appear to have been raining at 2am when Hutchinson was around, nor apparently so around 1130am on the 8th, so the positioning of marys garments near the fire would indicate they were damp.
    The bolster clearly was not required as a headrest by kelly, so one wonders if it could have been supplemented as a draught exluder across the door, and it could be suggested that like the bedroll it was simply flung on the table, especially if she ventured out around 8am, before being seen by Lewis/Maxwell.
    I am sorry about the length of this post, but that sock, and its clarity, has got me all fired up......
    Best Regards ,