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Different Weapons ?

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  • Different Weapons ?

    Okay folks.....Whats your take on the possibility that different knives were used on Mrs. Stride and Mrs. Eddowes.....

    Does it "disturb" anyone's belief system ?
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    It's only a "possibility". And even if he did use differnent knives. So what? At most it means, um.....he used "different knives".


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      You know, I was considering the different knives theory myself.
      Considering the element connection we were speaking of in another thread, the difference in knives would possibly correspond to the element associated with the murder. Or possibly the weapons could be made of different materials or carved with different symbols to represent the element.
      Stride's would be the knife.
      Eddowes, if she does represent a different element, could still be a knife, but probably a different type beacuse of the disparity of the two elements represented (fire and water).

      Of course, this is all total conjecture on my part as, to my knowledge, none of the weapons used in these crimes have ever been identified.