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  • Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post
    Craig, Debs...

    Going through some articles in The Globe, I notice one Dr. Wheeler, who had a practice on Mile End Road. He, for the record, was the first to attend to Ada Wilson. I just wanted to mention this in case his address had not been posted.

    The Globe
    March 28, 1888
    Hi How
    Many thanks for this - much appreciated.
    Getting late now - will get thoughts together and post in morning


    • There were 3 Tregidgo families in Limehouse in 1901.

      At 38, Gill Street, John, 43, a crane driver.
      At 31, Gill Street, William, 58, a shipwright.
      At 73, Gill Street, Nicholas, 76, a shipwright.
      At 4, South Street, William 28, a carman.

      Nicholas and his wife were originally from Cornwall, which explains the origins of the name.

      In 1897, Charles Booth’s researcher said, ’Rich Street, Jamaica Place and Gill Street are a nest of brothels frequented by common seamen of every nationality.’

      And in 1900, Joseph Brescher, the mad axe man of Pennington Street, was living at 93, Gill Street. That was where his first wife, Mathilde died, a few months after the couple had married. Before marrying Brescher, Mathilde Thorson had lived in Ship Alley - enough said. After Mathilde’s death, Josef moved to Beccles Street - the renamed Jamaica Place aka the ‘Black Hole’.


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