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RIP Annie Chapman

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  • RIP Annie Chapman

    Spare a thought for Dark Annie - 123 years ago today

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    Yes, it could be the most important murder - almost certainly one of the top three.

    RIP Annie


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      All of the canonicals seemed to have a turn in their lives that enhanced their risks to the destruction that befell them. Annie may have been the most desperate. Not only had her options been depleted on that fateful night, but she was probably seriously ill to the point that she may have spent the hours she was unaccounted for huddled somewhere shivering and wracked with fever, trying to pull herself together to utilize the one option she felt she had left. Sometime before dawn, she evidently did... a sad and pathetic shell of the woman she once was... her killer trying to add to the humiliation by his attempt to dehumanize her in an act of savagery never before seen; even in a place where pride and shame were often exchanged for just another few moments of existence.

      Dark Annie, if you had died from your illness, like Mary the flower seller before you, there may have been a very brief sigh from the folks that took temporary pity on you to buy some of your crochet work... or someone who might have tossed a couple of doss to ease their conscience. Instead, your tragic end rolled back the fine carpet that they tread upon and forced them to walk in the excruciating fear that glared in your eyes at the moment of your demise.

      But maybe in the aftermath... just maybe... Mary the flower seller was waiting on the other side to welcome you with a scented rose with no thorns.
      Best Wishes,
      Cris Malone
      "Objectivity comes from how the evidence is treated, not the nature of the evidence itself. Historians can be just as objective as any scientist."


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        There's a JtR program about to play on the Discovery Channel this evening. I don't know if it's a new one or not.


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          Indeed that time of the year has rolled around again when the milestones start happening, and it's a really stark reminder of how it must have hit the locals of London and particularly the East End at the time.....

          R.I.P. Annie.



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            Annie is perhaps the saddest of all. Sick and alone broken down by care and sorrow.

            I hope Dark Annie has found light and peace


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              Because poor Annie was murdered on my birthday date, I have always felt a little connection to her.


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                Well, this Sunday morning it will be 125 years. R.I.P. Annie.


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                  RIP Annie.

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                    The death, funeral and burial of Annie Chapman