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    Another account of Annie trying to find her mother a week before her murder.

    London Standard
    October 4, 1888


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      Originally posted by Gary Barnett View Post
      Nice find, Jerry. This adds a bit more info:


      The Standard 27th January, 1893
      I have no memory of having found this (post 12 above). It’s fascinating though, and relevant to more than just EG’s life history.

      Her son felt it was the correct thing to do to give both his ‘real’ name, Frost, and his assumed name of Gould to the coroner. As you might expect someone to do in the formal surroundings of a coroner’s court.

      And he speaks of his mother sleeping rough - in doorways. Not spread out in the middle of a pavement, but tucked up in a corner. As you might expect a rough sleeper to be.

      The fact that he was called as a witness but somehow managed to get sworn in as a juror is rather amusing.