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    Originally posted by Anna Morris View Post
    In the September 2, 1876 complaint I can understand why the plaintiff is asking for monetary damages but am I correctly understanding if I think the rest of it means that Michael Kidney should be compelled to return to the job? Or does that mean the money returns to the company? First, I would not think an Irish court could compel someone to return to a job and second, if Kidney had left on bad terms I do not see why the boss would want him back under duress. What am I missing?
    Yes, Anna. The complainant is asking that compensation be paid and defendant(s) returned to 'his service' (there were four other men on the same charge from the same complainant, one, a Denis Kidney) Maybe he had the grounds because there was some sort of breach of contract for services or something similar to an 'apprenticeship' going on? They weren't ordered back in the verdict by the courts.


    The defendants were ordered to pay costs but not ordered back to his service by the courts.

    service verdict.JPG


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      Originally posted by Howard Brown View Post

      Its simple why Gary found out what it meant....he's a seiner citizen.

      I know, I know....don't quit my day job.
      It took me ten minutes to get that one! Gary's reply made the penny drop.


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        There were several other charges brought against a Michael Kidney of Kinsale, described as both labourer and Fisherman in the Irish Petty Session records. There are non for the same after 1877 (the same time the soldier signed up) that refer to the same Michael Kidney,

        I did come across a merchant seaman photograph of a John Kidney born 1891 in Kinsale. He corresponded to the son of Denis Kidney of Rose Abbey who I believe was Michael Kidney's brother or cousin (there is an elderly uncle, John Kidney living with Denis in 1911 and Michael's father was named John) but checking further, I found Dennis;s son in WW1 records and he states he was born in 1889 in those records so the seaman may not be related, or some distant relative.