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Why didn't JTR kill Diemschutz?

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    Originally posted by JTRSickert View Post
    the implication is that while Diemschutz was looking at Stride's body, then JTR (or her some other individual) was hiding in the shadows and then left
    Personally, I believe whoever killed Stride had left the scene long before Diemschutz had even turned into Berner Street. So, to answer the question posed by this thread, Diemschutz wasn't killed because - in all probability - the killer was no longer there.


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      Everyone always seems to assume that whoever first discovered the body of one of Jack's victims would immediately raise an alarm that there had been a 'orrible murder.

      Given the practicalities of the situation, might we assume that the finder might have first gone through the pockets of said victim, since he/she would likely be just as poor and needy? Then an alarm could be sounded. There may indeed have been someone there who could have killed Diemschutz, but, like Sam, I don't think it would have been Jack.

      Unfortunately, history is full of such 'crimes of opportunity', committed by people who otherwise might never have done such a thing if not presented with such an opportunity.


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        I'm on the fence on Stride's murder, part of me thinks jack was interrupted and didn't kill Diemschutz because Diemschutz wasn't to his taste. Yes I think it could of been that simple.

        However maybe it could of been the Nichols gang or another gang with a score to settle with Stride. Ye old "Where's mah money, B>>>," angle..

        Shoot, for all I know Stride's killer could of been a angry widow from the Princess Alice steamship disaster who was ticked off about Stride claiming that she was also a widow who had lost children in the Princess Alice disaster when we all that wasn't the case. I have heard of stranger things happening. Hence one of my stranger then fiction crackpot theories.