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Where Mary Ann Nichols lived before Whitechapel

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  • Where Mary Ann Nichols lived before Whitechapel

    Extract from History of Peabody Estates:

    Stamford Street, London SE1

    "Built in the nineteenth century, the original Stamford Street estate was densely populated and provided 352 dwellings. As the foundations were being dug, a 30ft long barge and several smaller boats were found, suggesting that the site had once been a river bed. Four more blocks were added in the 1890s.

    Notable residents in the early years of the estate included Mary Ann Nichols, the first murder victim of “Jack the Ripper”. Mary lived in Block D of Stamford Street with her husband William Nichols and their children. Following the couple’s separation, Mary moved to the Whitechapel area where she drifted into a life of prostitution before being murdered in 1888."

    Link to Stamford Street on map:
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    Ema: That's a great find. Thanks for posting it!
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      Mary lived for 10 years at 131 Trafalgar Street. Is any of that property still there?


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        I notice the SE that the same Stamford Street where Thomas Neill Cream murdered Alice Marsh and Emma Shrivell in 1891 ?
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