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The Morgenstern Brothers, Felix Family & 79 Pennington Street

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  • The Morgenstern Brothers, Felix Family & 79 Pennington Street

    Catholic baptisms and marriages where the Morgenstern brothers, Marun and John, were witnesses or godparents to members of the same family who used the surnames Falks, Valks and Felix interchangeably.

    At St Mary and Michael's Catholic Church, on the 20th April 1874
    Joannem Fransiscum Morgenstern of 6 Wells Place, son of Petri Morgenstern married Adrianam Mariam Falks, also of 6 Well Place, her father Simon Falks
    teh witnesses were adriano Falks of 6 Well Place and Englberto Falks also of 6 Well place.

    This record is known and appears in Neal Shelden's book mentioned earlier.
    This is the marriage of John Morgenstern to Adriana Mary Falks whose family also used the surname Felix in place of Falks or Valks

    Also married on the same day April 20th 1874, in the same church was Simon Falks of 6 Well Place. He was the son of Adrian Falks and he married Nantze De Vree of 6 Wells Place, her father unknown.
    The witnesses were Maruns Antonio Morgenstern also of 6 Well Place and
    Dom???no engelbato Klundert of 34 Fashion St

    This witness, Maruns Antonui Morgenstern, was the brother of Joannem Fransiscum married the same day and the groom, Simon Falk, appears to be the father of Joannem's Morgenstern's bride.

    Simon Falk appears on the
    1881 census at 20 Well Place:

    Simon Falks head mar 56 skin dresser b Holland
    Hannah Dupay wife mar 45 b Holland
    John Falks son to head un 6 scholar b England
    Emma Depey daur towife un 11 scholar b Holland
    Talbot Fals son to head 3 b England

    By 1891 Hannah Dupay and her daughter have gone and Simon is living with a woman named Minnie. Sons John and Albert (Talbt in 1881 show it is the same man as does teh occupation, age and birthplace.
    Here we see that Simon Falk also used the surname FELIX.

    1891 census
    38 Tait St
    Simon Felix head 67 skin dresser b Holland
    Minnie Felix 55 b Holland
    John g Felix 16 cigar maker lab b London
    Albert P Felix 13 scholar b London

    This is the baptism of Simon's son John Falks/Felix b 1874
    Born 6 Aug 1874 baptised 9 Aug 1874
    Joannes Adrianus Valks son of Simeon and Naatze Valks
    god father Joannes Franciscus Morgenstern and Adriana Maria Morgenstern (brother and sister-in-law of Adrianus L Morgenstern)

    This Falk family regularly switched their surname between Falk(s), Valk(s) and Felix.
    It appears that Simon Falks had other older children named Adrianna (who married J F Morgenstern), and probably a Bernard and Adrian born in Holland.

    On 8th Aug 1875 at the same St Mary and St Michael's Catholic Church Commercial Rd
    Adriaum Valks of 4 Phillip St, son of Simeonis Valks
    married Jeannettam Kemeling of 4 Phillip St. She was the daughter of Jacobi Kemeling
    Witnesses were Henry John Ingders of 10 Back Church Lane
    and Bernardo Valks of 5 Cable Street

    Adrianus Valks and wife Jeanett had children baptised at the same Catholic Church of their marriage:

    Born 3rd Nov 1875 and baptised 14 Nov 1875
    Adrianus Simon Valks, son of Adrianus L and Antonetta Valks formerly Kemeling.
    God father Joannes ? Morgenstern and God mother Johanna Maria Morgenstern

    Then we have the baptism I posted at the beginning of the post:
    Gregorius Felix b 22 Dec 1882 and baptised 14 Jan 1883, father Aduanus L Felix, mother Antoinetta formerly Gaemling.

    I believe this is the same couple, Adrianus L Falks now listed as Felix and Gaemling or possibly Caemling being a variant spelling of Kemeling.

    The next baptism is in 1891:
    Born 31st March 1891 and baptised 16 April 1891
    Henricus Valks son of Adriani and Jeannette Valks
    Margareta Heaton

    Despite the name change from Antonetta to Jeanetta (which is something Adrian L Morgenstern's wife appears to have done between their marriage and 1881 census entry) Jeanetta was used in the Valks marriage record.

    So, the use of the surname Felix may have something to do with the marriage of Joannes Antonio Morgenstern and his bride's family, the Falks/Valks who also went by the name Felix and whose father was a skin dresser by trade.

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    And others related to Pennington Street/Breezer's Hill

    The details of this marriage have already been published by Neal Shelden and discussed on many other threads.
    Here's the Catholic marriage entry
    1889 17 Feb Joannem McCarthy of 27 Shorter St, son of Caroli McCarthy
    and Mariam Rose Brooks, 7 Pennington St, daur of David Brooks
    witness Joanne Calnan 13 St George St
    Catherine Donovan 96 Prussom St

    St Mary and St Michael's, Commercial Rd.

    'Rose' Mary Brooks apparently converted for the Catholic wedding to John McCarthy and appears in the baptism records for February 1889 [9 days before the wedding] at St Mary and Michael's church:

    Born 27th August 1861 and baptised 8th Feb 1889
    'Sub Conditione' [convert] Maria Josephina Brooks daur of David and Maria Brooks, maiden name Arnold
    Godmother Catherine Donovan


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      79 Pennington Street

      The children, Louisa and Elizabeth Morgenstern were born on the 27th October 1885 at 79 Pennington Street, St George in the East. 79 Pennington Street was the corner house at the south eastern end of Breezer’s Hill, but up until 1874 it had been the Red Lion public house, 1 Breezer’s Hill.

      Shelden, Neal. Mary Jane Kelly and the Victims of Jack the Ripper: The 125th Anniversary (Kindle Locations 578-580). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

      I came across an 1887 marriage where the bride, groom and one witness all claimed to live at 79 Pennington st.(the witness address is given in these Catholic marriage records)

      The witness at #79 Pennington St was named Rosina Ann Hunt and appears to be the Rose Hurt of 79 Pennington involved in the 1887 Old Bailey burglary case.

      The most interesting thing is that the bride in that marriage was named Mary Ann McCarthy and she also gave 79 Pennington Street as her address.

      23 June 1887 St Mary & St Michael, Commercial Road, Stepney
      Marriage of Fredericum Woodhouse, 79 Pennington Street son of Frederici Woodhouse and Mariam Annam McCarthy, 79 Pennington Street, daughter fo Florentii McCarthy
      witnesses Francisco Spriggs 2 Breezers Hill Pennington Street and Rosina Ann Hunt 79 Pennington Street

      Mary Ann McCarthy and family in census entries:

      1891 census 7 Rich Street
      Frederick Woodhouse, head, 26, labourer b Staffordshire, Bildon
      Mary A Woodhouse wife, 22 b Whitechapel London
      Charles Woodhouse,son, 3 b St Georges
      Alexander McCarthy s 30 brother in law Fireman (Factory labourer) b Stepney
      Maria Kellerstone? visitor married 29 tailoress b Stepney
      William Dooley 30 s labourer b Ireland

      1881 census
      3 Farthing Alley St Botolph Aldgate
      Name Age
      Florance Mc Carthy 56 Dock labourer b Ireland
      Hannah Mc Carthy 49 b Ireland
      Alexander Mc Carthy 19 Dock labourer
      Elizabeth Mc Carthy 14
      Mary Ann Mc Carthy 12
      Frederick Mc Carthy 8
      All children listed as born Aldgate

      1871 census
      34 Essex St Mile End
      Name Age
      Florence McCarthy 46 Dock labourer b Ireland
      Hannah McCarthy 38 b Ireland
      Alexander McCarthy 9
      Elizabeth McCarthy 5
      Mary A McCarthy 2

      Raine St Workhouse
      Admitted Jan 13th 1883
      Hannah McCarthy b 1833, widow, washing 210 St George St
      Frederick McCarthy b 1872 with mother

      Whitechapel Infirmary admissions and discharges
      Admitted Dec 12th 1888
      Hannah McCarthy, 55. 83 Lambeth St, widow of Florence dock labourer, rheumatism, R.C. disch 29 Jan 1889

      Alexander McCarthy at 103 Pennington St in 1911.
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        Alexander seems to have married 1892, 1st August. His address was 4 Hope Court, Denmark Street. Bride was Agnes Curley of 3 Denmark St, daughter of Thomas White (and I think widow of Thomas Curley). Witnesses John and Lydia Gauder (?), 3 Hope Court Denmark St.

        In 1901 Alexander and Agnes are at 103 Pennington.


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          Originally posted by Robert Linford View Post
          Alexander seems to have married 1892, 1st August. His address was 4 Hope Court, Denmark Street. Bride was Agnes Curley of 3 Denmark St, daughter of Thomas White (and I think widow of Thomas Curley). Witnesses John and Lydia Gauder (?), 3 Hope Court Denmark St.

          In 1901 Alexander and Agnes are at 103 Pennington.
          Many thanks Robert


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              Adrianus and Marin Belgian Police immigration records

              These are from the 1870's before their arrival in England. Belgian Police Immigration records for Adrianus Lucas Morgenstern and Marian Antonie Morgenstern:

              adrianus immigration Belgian Police.jpg



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                Adrianus' occupation at this time appears to have been a journalist and Marin's a sous chef?
                The father's name Peter and mothers name Anna Cornelia Van der Minnen (sometimes Minnie) both check out, plus birth in Rulphen and residence in Rosendaal. The year of immigration is different, Adrianus was in Belgium in 1875 and Marin in 1878 from what I can make out.


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                  Considering Marin Antonie Morgenstern was a witness to a Felix family marriage in East London in 1874 as I posted details of in my first post, that would mean he went to Belgium and then came back to England. If I am reading the Belgian Police records correctly?


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                    Someone wrote a Morgenstern genealogy entry, available online, saying Adrianus worked for the railroad in Belgium. The word here does look like "journaliste".

                    Also I was wondering about a word root, "jour", which should mean day. I was thinking about the word journeyman but there is no other occupational word with it on this record.
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                      Originally posted by Anna Morris View Post
                      Someone wrote a Morgenstern genealogy entry, available online, saying Adrianus worked for the railroad in Belgium. The word here does look like "journaliste".

                      Also I was wondering about a word root, "jour", which should mean day. I was thinking about the word journeyman but there is no other occupational word with it on this record.
                      Would you be able to link to or reference this family tree please Anna?
                      I would like to see what has already been found. Plus, I don't want people to think I am lifting information from someone else's work if it has been posted somewhere already as I found this record completely independently last night,

                      The interesting thing for me is that Marins may have travelled to and from London back to Belgium on one or more occasions.


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                        The occupation on Adrianus' record definitely looks like 'Journaliste' to me.

                        jornalist adrianus.JPG

                        I didn't save a high res, version of Marins record but I noted his occupation as 'sous chef to corporation.'
                        Some sort of deputy manager to a corporation or council perhaps?

                        Marins could be his previous job as the form layout wording is slightly different on his.

                        I think the section underneath is how they make a livelihood? Marins seems to say he gets a salary but Adrianus' entry is difficult to read. I thought it might say he had 'won' something?!


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                          Adrianus' record on top, Marins underneath:

                          adrianus occ.JPG
                          marins occ.JPG

                          Is anyone able to translate them correctly?


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                            I've also found the family of Simon Valks in the Belgian Immigration records and it's quite a full entry that lists all the children mentioned in the marriages in the first post where the Morgensterns were witnesses. The Morgenstern and Valks/Falks (aka Felix) family may have known each other back in Belgium.

                            I also found the records for Adrianus and Marin's sisters- Petronella , and Wilhemina in the same Belgian records. The sisters were both working as servants. Petronella married and appears later on in the records under her married name too.


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                              Vander Haudt

                              Valk, Simon spouse Jean Van Riel

                              Adrienne Maria b 1840 b Loon Op Zand [married John Morgenstern]
                              Adrien b 1851 " [m Jeanette/Antonetta Kemeling]
                              Englebert b 1855 "
                              Bernar? b 1859 " [witness at listed Falks wedding]
                              Gertrude b 1864 Gestel
                              Theodore Francois b 1868 Gestel

                              Simon Valks b 1828 Loon Op Hand son of Adrien
                              mother Jean Vander Haudt Loon Op Hand

                              occupation Ouivier en falises??? This is the best reading I could do and have no idea what it translates to. Ouvier is worker.

                              Last address in Rotterdam

                              This is obviously the same Falks/Valks/Felix family who ended up living with two of the Morgenstern brothers, John and Marin, at 6 Wells Place in the 1870's and were related through the marriage of John Morgenstern and Adrianne Marie Falks.

                              One very interesting thing that sticks out here for me is that Simon Valks's mother had the surname Vander Haudt. This looks like a variant spelling of Van Der Haut to me. Some will remember that I found Mr Vanderhaut (and variant spellings),reported in the press as 'representing the Vigilance Committe at the inquest of Mary Jane Kelly. On further research his details corresponded a prominent Dutch socialist who resided at Hanbury St, Whites Row and Miller's Court and whose son was an East End boxer.
                              I wonder if there's a connection here!