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Could These Be Alice Mackenzie's Relatives ?

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  • Thanks for those, Kattrup

    I’ve found quite a lot of stuff about Ashe on Google. One book I’ve ordered is said to contain a lot of biographical material. For obvious reasons, it’s Ashe’s time in Peterborough that I’m particularly interested in.

    He lodged in a couple of rooms in Worcester Street, Pimlico for the last 8 years or so of his life, paying his landlord William Goold 16/- a week for the privilege.


    • In one of the poems in Dryope - Leprosy - published in 1859 when he was living in the Peterborough Minster Close, Ashe says I walked tonight in ancient walks (through what was obviously the gardens of the Minster Precincts) and goes on to say:



      • This is a fascinating aerial video of Peterborough (mainly the Cathedral area) from 1947. The open space in front of the magnificent West Front of the Cathedral/Minster, the small area of grass crossed by paths and with a few houses etc surrounding it, was what was called the Minster Close. I’ve yet to establish exactly where the Pitts family lived - the exact building(s) - during their 40+ years residence in the Precincts, or for that matter exactly where Thomas Ashe lived in the Close, but given his ‘tastes’ and the fact that he took Alice’s sister with him when he was granted the curacy of ‘Whittlebury cum Silverstone’, there’s little doubt in my mind that he knew the ‘prepossessing’ Alice.


        • Looks like Jack London was a fan:

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          • Jack London uses another Ashe quote further on in the book:

            “Life scarce can tread majestically
            Foul court and fever-stricken alley.”

            Did Ashe have personal experience of foul courts and fever-stricken alleys?