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Martha Tabram Final Resting Place

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  • Martha Tabram Final Resting Place

    Lindsay Siviter asked me to share this on the Forums :

    Hi How please let people know I discovered a few years ago that Martha was buried in The City of London Cemetery along with Polly and Catherine. I also found Emma Elizabeth Smith there, too.

    Well done, Lindsay !
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    I could just imagine how hard it was to locate the final resting grounds for Martha Tabram and Emma Smith. It must have taken a lot of perseverance. Lindsay should be commended for it. At least she caught a break with both victims getting buried in the same London cemetery.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay once at the White Hart Pub. Neil Storey and John Bennett were there as well that evening. It was a good time. I thought that pub, with its location right near George Yard, has more of a Whitechapel Mysteries ambience than the Ten Bells Pub has.

    Today being the anniversary of Martha's death, I would think that the White Hart Pub would be the place to be tonight.


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      Thank you Lindsay for your work. Thank you Joe for your personal reminiscences.
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        It's the eve of the 131st anniversary for Martha's passing. Maybe somebody can place a special flower in the City of London Cemetery tomorrow.