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Why leave the arms?

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    [QUOTE=QJ Coy;333690]
    Originally posted by Sam Flynn View Post
    As it stands, I think that the very fact that it was primarily the internal organs that went missing is sufficient reason to assume that the perpetrators weren't aiming to build a body out of spare parts, nor a "costume" out of their ill-gotten geins... sorry

    But you're only focusing on the ripper killings trophies, I said between both the Torso and Ripper killing they had enough to build a person as crazy as it sounds. I'm not beholden to that hypothesis but due to the story of Frankenstein and the author of it living there, it just seems weird. However, I would favor a Dahmer situation in either Ripper or Torso killings which I should have made clearer when responding to Abby.
    re Frankenstein-is it just another coincidence that the thigh was left on the shelley estate?


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      Originally posted by Sam Flynn View Post
      Not sure that any of them had much use for internal organs.
      Hi Sam
      maybe maybe not but my point is that they were interested in the body/parts after the person was killed and saved them/did something with them. Just like torso man and the ripper. or torsoripper if they were the same.


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        Originally posted by QJ Coy View Post
        But you're only focusing on the ripper killings trophies.
        I'm not, QJ. Internal organs were missing from the torso victims, too, and their external body parts - arms, legs, feet, and of course torsos - were dumped in water or scattered on land. Apart from the heads, there was precious little left with which to build a Frankenstein's monster.
        Kind regards, Sam Flynn

        "Suche Nullen"
        (F. Nietzsche)


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          Originally posted by Sam Flynn View Post
          Minus the trunk, apparently. Perhaps he was trying to build a zombie midget?
          haha. but that's actually a good point. I shall contemplate the possible implications.