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The Brothel's Bad Batter Cakes: A Poisoning Mystery

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  • The Brothel's Bad Batter Cakes: A Poisoning Mystery
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    That's a weird story. Odd that the daughter(?) disposed of the leftovers, etc. from the breakfast. Scraps and such in those days would likely have been set out for animals, fed to hogs or whatever. Guess there weren't a bunch of poisoned animals, for instance stray dogs and cats, in the area?

    Considering Spaninger was a green grocer and that cantaloupe was served at breakfast, I wonder who provided the melon? Was it cut up in the home or delivered--by Spaninger?-- in a sliced or cubed state? Could the melon have been the source of the poison? What happened to the melon rind, seeds, etc. if it was cut up in the kitchen?
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