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Churchill's Cousin On New York's Lexow Commission ( 1894-1895)

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  • Churchill's Cousin On New York's Lexow Commission ( 1894-1895)

    William Travers Jerome, Winston Churchill's cousin, once removed.

    He also prosecuted Harry K. Thaw for the murder of Stanford White.

    The Lexow Commission was the most far reaching inquiry into police corruption of the 19th Century. That it formed in New York is no accident.

    The 'skim' that cops received was substantial. Inspector Byrnes included.

    His response to inquiries into his fat bank account was that he had friends in high financial places.....which was true. His one hand washed the other approach to protecting Wall Street was a part of the reason he had been untouchable for years. He hobnobbed with financiers like Jay Gould, who depended on him to protect their interests ......That he was an outstanding detective was another reason he could avoid scrutiny.

    However, if he had retired earlier than 1896, he'd have had no way to collect what he had been collecting as a detective Inspector in the status of a he stayed on until 1896 until he realized his time was up.
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    William Travers Jerome Campaign Button for New York County District Attorney 1902 to 1909 by Mpls55408 on Flickr
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