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Special Branch ledger entries relating to the Whitechapel Murders

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  • Debra Arif
    I did wonder if it related to the apprehension of William henry Piggott, who told witnesses he was going to Tilbury, but he never actually made it and went to the Pope's Head Public House instead, so that doesn't really fit.

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  • Special Branch ledger entries relating to the Whitechapel Murders

    In the past we have discussed a couple of the references in the SB ledgers that were identified as being related to the Whitechapel murders-
    Those relating to William McGrath, of Bedford Gardens, later identified by Chris Philips as the artist William Magrath. We've also discussed the entries for 'Mr Churchill' , Jack the Ripper known at Bushmills and a couple of other references.
    During a discussion on Casebook, I checked back on some notes I made about Morris Mendlestein, husband of Eva Hartstein of grape stalk fame, and his name being recorded in the SB ledger as being a member of the Berner Street club and on the same page I just noticed there is another entry that apparently carries the same ref number that relates to the Whitechapel murders in the C.I.D. Registry. I don't recall seeing this mentioned and wondered if we have discussed it? Does anyone know what incident this relates to?

    Medbey R alleged suspicious person at Tilbury 52983/1522 CID Registry