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    The fact remains, that Mesirah prescribed the giving up of Jews to gentile law, just as described.

    The comment in the globe, clearly talks of a section of the Jewish community, whole the comment in the JC, does indeed sidestep the isdue Chris.
    However, given its in the JC, which had earlier appeared to deny the existence of Mesirah, that reply does not surprise me.

    Would be fascinating to have a real debate on this actual issue someday Chris



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      Originally posted by Steve Blomer
      Would be fascinating to have a real debate on this actual issue someday Chris
      I'm not sure exactly what issue you mean.

      If the issue is whether Anderson's stated suspicions about his "low-class Jews" were based on the idea that they were Jews influenced by the religious doctrine concerning 'Mesirah', then, as I say, I think his public statements in response to the criticisms - saying he was talking about Jews who had "lapsed from all that is good and proper" and who were "uninfluenced by religious or even social restraints​" - are strong evidence against that view.

      Perhaps the idea is that Anderson secretly believed that, but tried to deny it in public so as to avoid offending the Jewish community? I'm not sure whether that's what's being suggested. But in any case, to be honest, I think the things Anderson wrote are contradictory and difficult enough to interpret even if he wasn't trying to mislead.

      If the issue is whether the Ripper was a Jew who was shielded by his family because of the doctrine about 'Mesirah', then that would be a different matter, and not one I would be at all keen to discuss.