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Warren Lived Here - Ramsgate that is!

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  • Warren Lived Here - Ramsgate that is!

    I have just found out, to my shame, that Charles Warren lived for a brief period in my home town. Should have put it in my "Ripper in Ransgate" book!
    He lived here from 1898 to 1899 during a hiatus in his army career.
    I throught I'd have problems tracking down where he actually lived but it was comparatively easy.
    Fortunately the house where he lived is part of a conservation area and is called Wellington Crescent. He lived at No 27.
    The first pic shows Wellington Crescent as it was - not sure of the date.
    Happily the scene is virtually identical today - all the houses are intact as are the lawn and the bandstand. The second pic is a modern one of the scene.
    Needless to say I will going up there with a camera in the next few days to get a pic of No 27.

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    This one shows more detail of the style of the houses:
    The house next door to No 27 is a holiday rental and has a web page with details and lots of pics if you're interested:


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      No 27 is the house in the middle with the dark red door:


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        "On leaving the command in 1898 he was entertained at a public dinner given by the Mayor, and presented with a silver salver bearing an inscription, and with an address from which the following is an extract :
        'We sincerely thank you for the valuable services you have rendered to our town ; and whilst we much regret that we are losing from our midst the presence of one so distinguished as a scholar, scientist, and soldier, we rejoice that whilst here you greatly promoted cordial relations between the military and civic authorities, and took great interest in the moral and intellectual welfare of the inhabitants of Chatham.'
        Warren was now on the shelf, and took a house at Ramsgate, where he resided until his services were again required by his country, and he was appointed to the command of the 5th Division and embarked with it for South Africa on 25th November 1899."

        From Sir Charles Warren and Spion Kop, With a Biographical Sketch


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          Warren and the Holy Grail

          Any chance he buried the Holly Grail here?Jx


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            Originally posted by Jeff Leahy View Post
            Any chance he buried the Holly Grail here?Jx
            Nope - I've looked....


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              How about that,huh,Chris ?
              Nice photos and interesting story in that you just found out that SCW lived there.

              It is a shame that you didn't include this in The Ripper In Ramsgate...which,ahem, you may want to republish and include this story. Just an idea.
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                Hello Chris,

                If only it had to do with Kelly eh?