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Warren, Hounds, & Uncle Tom's Cabin

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  • Warren, Hounds, & Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Sheffield & Rotherham Independent
    October 12, 1888
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    Interesting, but as usual with contempoirary newspaper stories no hits, no runs but lots of errors. To begin with, the statement that Warren had decided as early as October 12 not to purchase the bloodhounds is clearly false. As late as the day before the murder of Mary Kelly and his own resignation Warren was in negotiations for buying two bloodhounds and finding housing for them in London.

    Moreover, early on when the use of bloodhounds were first proposed thye response from the public (and the sensationalist press) was largely favorable. When doubts began to creep in, for the most part they stemmed not from images of slave hunters but questions about the efficacy of using the hounds in an urban setting.

    All this and more was detailed in an article last year, "Dog Gone," in the New Independent Review. An explanation was also offered why use of the hounds would have been unavailing in all but the first of the Canonic murders.