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  • Wanted : A Chief Of Police

    Evening News
    November 13, 1888

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    You don't see too many articles during the autumn of 1888 that spoke favorably about Warren, but this was one of them.

    The article began by speaking of the idiotic howls of delight in the House of Commons when the announcement of Warren's resignation was received. Warren's resignation brought out some ridiculing humor from a Folkestone journalist. He printed a farewell poem to Warren in his local newspaper.

    I sent that poem to the Whitechapel Society Journal, and it may end up getting printed in their next issue.

    The poem was found in a book about Folkestone that Paul shared with me last autumn. The best part of it was the lines about Warren and the bloodhounds.


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      The poem about Charles Warren has made its way to the current issue of the Whitechapel Society Journal. It originally appeared in the Folkestone Chronicle on Dec 1, 1888. The subscribers of the WSJ got the first look at it. Now the Jtrforums crowd can see it too. Apparently the poet was under the imprression that Warren would go into the field of mining now that he had resigned as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

      Farewell ! I bid a long farewell to each familiar scene -
      To Bravely hold Trafalgar Square to Clerkenwell its Green!
      I've done with cares of office quite; I've done with flout and jeer,
      And now I'm off at once to be a mining engineer.

      No more my accents will be heard, declaring stern and hard
      To Superintendents who have brought discredits on 'the Yard.'
      No more my ruler I shall hurl as bushmen hurl a spear,
      Such despot tricks would not beseem a mining engineer.

      Adieu, my bloodhounds, dear to me, although you ran away!
      No more, big bow-wows, in the Park shall we together play.
      Could I but find you, I would shake your paws and drop a tear,
      Before I left for parts that need a mining engineer.

      I even wish goodbye to you, O vile Insurgent Mob!
      It's my belief that now I've gone you'll Westward march to rob.
      I'd like again with strategy to fall upon your rear -
      But tush! Let's recollect I'm a mining engineer.

      Upon the bitter past it's time to turn a stubborn back,
      And so ta, ta to every one, including Mr. Jack.
      The Ripper proved too much for me, and 'ere I disappear,
      I will confess he fairly fogged this mining engineer.

      Thus all is over! What I had to say I've tersely said -
      And straightaway underground I go to hide my humble head.
      On vengeance I shall meditate in workings dark and drear -
      Matthews - ha! ha! May yet become a mining engineer.