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Whiggishness and the anti-Anderson Lobby

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  • Originally posted by Adam Went View Post
    There is no shame in learning and therefore there is no shame in making mistakes, providing that one doesn't have a bullish attitude, learns from those mistakes and doesn't continue to make silly statements on the same subject.
    Live your life by that adage, Adam, and you'll become not just a great Ripperologist, but also a great researcher.
    Adam, going out on the limb and speaking for others, I'd dare say that I'd be surprised if anyone here considered Mortimer an important witness, containing important info about the murder. But this doesn't mean that we can dismiss her altogether or disregard her as a witness.

    PS.: Finished polishing my manuscript AND just found a capable French colleague to cohost the conference I'm organizing next year, so, for once, no bad news. Feels weird not having bad situations to take care of...
    Best regards,


    • Maria:

      Exactly, I don't think anybody is really under any illusions as to the importance of Mortimer's testimony, or lack thereof. Which makes it all the more bizarre to me that in relation to the statements of other witnesses who are perfectly credible, or the established chain of events in Berner Street, Mortimer's testimony should still be so hotly debated.