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Police Orders 31st October 1888

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  • Police Orders 31st October 1888

    Does anyone happen to have access to the Police Orders for the 31st October 1888?

    I'm aware that T Division transferred the following officers..

    From T Division [Hammersmith]
    T650 to H467 PC 66443 [2nd Class] Arthur Vincent
    T510 to H468 PC 68788 [2nd Class] William A. Walker
    T602 to H469 PC 70694 [3rd Class] Frederick Lessons
    T372 to H470 PC 71125 [3rd Class] William J. Rough
    T621 to H471 PC 72933 [3rd Class] William H. Saundery
    T250 to H472 PC 73033 [3rd Class] Thomas Jefferson
    T651 to H473 PC 73631 [3rd Class] Arthur Waters
    T652 to H474 PC 73636 [3rd Class] Albert A. Truelove
    T671 to H475 PC 73682 [3rd Class] George Evans
    T674 to H476 PC 73715 [3rd Class] Robert Vickers
    T680 to H477 PC 73736 [3rd Class] Harry Roffey
    T181 to H478 PC 73744 [3rd Class] William J. Gunner
    T687 to H479 PC 73764 [3rd Class] William Lewis*
    T688 to H480 PC 73769 [3rd Class] Griffith Evans*
    T236 to H481 PC 73777 [3rd Class] George Crews
    T668 to H482 PC 73778 [3rd Class] Michael Waters
    T465 to H483 PC 73785 [3rd Class] Thomas T. Guppy
    T679 to H484 PC 73793 [3rd Class] Benjamin C. Ide
    T279 to H485 PC 73813 [3rd Class] George M. Ide

    I'm current researching PC 73828 Samuel KNOWLES who joined in the 23rd July 1888 and was originally posted to T Division as 136T but who was transferred to J Division on the 31st October 1888 as 105J.

    Am curious to know whether he was posted as an individual or whether he was part of a group like those sent to H Division?