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Victorian Counterfeiters

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  • Victorian Counterfeiters

    And of bottles, no less.

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    Coins, too!


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      Hi Tim

      The second post in this thread is about forgery of coins but I can't see how the first post is about counterfeiting of bottles unless you have information that shows that to be the case.

      Why couldn't it have been about somebody selling or using legitimate Hiram Codd and Co. Patent Globe stoppered medical bottles, which the Codd company was trying to prevent, and so offering a reward to that end? For more on Codd and Co. see Google Books.


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        I'll confuse things even further...

        In the 1870s a postage stamp forgery of shilling stamps occured, (note postage stamps stuck to a form, signed across often legalised/formalised a financial transaction), known to collectors as the Stock Exchange Forgery...because the stamps were only internally used on Stock Exchange transactions they remaned undetected for over 25 years...

        A shilling a time presumably added up to a profitable business...

        Today you can pick up a shilling stamp of the era, (if you know where to shop), for a quid or so - a Stock Exchange forgery though, will probably cost you at least a couple of hundred quid....

        In my modest collection I don't have one...yet...