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  • The 1% in the LVP

    Last week I was on holiday in Victoria, British Columbia, and visited Craigdarroch Castle, built about the time that JTR was prowling around, or more precisely, from circa 1885 to 1890.

    It cost $500,000 to build, which would today be about $35 million, and it is not even within sight of the sea. For comparison, Bill Gates spent $50 million on his dream house around 10 years ago.

    It has its own website,

    The man who owned it, Robert Dunsmuir, was a coal baron, and it is said that his mines killed a man a month. His fortune in 1890 was about $22 million, about $1.5 billion in today's money.

    The family was thoroughly dysfunctional, and the old man died before the castle was completed. His widow moved in for only a short while, and the story behind that and what happened to the castle afterwards truly is stranger than fiction.

    Attached are some photos we took. I'm in the second one. The house and contents were restored to full LVP authentication and the contents must be immensely valuable.

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