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  • Sherlock Holmes

    Does anyone know of a good message board on this subject as I can't find one anywhere. Thanks.

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    Try and go from there


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      Click image for larger version

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        ferret, do you mean that the International Society is a forum like this one? I'm asking as I hate filling in forms unless I know it's something that I want to join - and it doesn't appear to have a way to it to have a good look round. Unless I missed it.

        I spotted a list of inactive societies and one that I used to belong to. Now I know why I couldn't get in touch with them.


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          you might find something here....?

          Lacerta es reptiles quisnam mos non exsisto accuso nusquam


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            Tel -

            Why is it that the last 4 times I've tried to open that link that my keyboard has seized up?

            If I was a bit paranoid, I'd think that it was some sort of Illuminati trick to secretly access my computer hard drive. And I would not be able to help but set up a blog about it.

            Seriously, I can't open it.

            Edit - it's not the link but my computer - I can't open any links up.


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              Ah well, if you haven't been admitted to the Illuminati I make no wonder.....

              Seriously tho', the link is working fine for me, so it must be something at your end. You could try to copy and paste it into the address line of your browser
              Lacerta es reptiles quisnam mos non exsisto accuso nusquam


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                Finally accessed - my computer doesn't like screensavers and wallpapers, that was the problem. Had to delete them as it got to the stage that everything jammed.

                Can't believe there's only one message board for all the Holmes fans out there.


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                  More SH Forums

                  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, literature, books, classic literature, english literature, ebooks, eliterature, online reading, writing, teaching

                  Hope this s


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                    Thanks Raven, I had seen the online lit one before but didn't join because it was too slow. Similarly the other one didn't have any recent posts when I just checked.

                    Mind you, perhaps they are all waiting for someone else to go first!

                    Thanks for the links I'll decide whether to join in the meantime will probably bore you all SH for a while longer.


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                      Hi Writefx - this link might be interesting if you haven't seen it already


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                        Hi Raven, no I'd never seen that before, very interesting so was his main site about all the other Victorian roleplaying scenarios and books.

                        Are you into that sort of thing yourself?


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                          Hi Writefx, I used to play dungeons and dragons years ago, and love some games now, I have a couple of Sherlock Holmes games and play the CSI games occasionally.
                          If you like Shakespeare - BBC have a great game on line - hang on, will post you a link ..........................
                          7NK (Seven Noble Kinsmen)
                          You get to solve the mystery at the end after collecting all the clues.
                          For anyone who enjoys on line games, this one is the best I have found, you can even play more than once as the culprit changes.
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                            Thanks Raven, I'll take a look at it as I've never done it myself.

                            The only thing I've ever done is a sort of crime scene (not csi) were you solve fictional cases and the whole website looks like a real detective case, can't remember the name set in ? County. But it's not roleplaying as I imagine it to be. It's a massive committment once you decide to join as it takes so much time to read through all the evidence.

                            Have you ever had a go at the one I'm talking about?


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                              H WRITEFX, no, like you I probably wouldn't have the time - I am lucky at the moment as all my work is computer based at home - so I have lots of little breaks where I can check in on here (etc) The 7NK game is good as it is not really role play, and you can dip in and out, so a good standby if you haven't the time for proper on line gaming.