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living london, anyone?

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  • living london, anyone?

    lots of photographs and drawings....

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      and more....


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        nah..i don't stop! nice to that nurse, ok?? - just remember that jolly bonnet she gave you .-)))


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          and the last one for tonight....thank you for your attention.


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            Worth 10,000 Words, at least

            Great images, Thomas! Thanks for sharing these.


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              Thanks a million for these great photos !

              They convey a very real sense of desparation and loneliness on the one hand...and others depict the crowded conditions ( Sunday morning on Middlesex Street in particular ) which must have been overwhelming at times. Look at that crowd !

              These are much appreciated hat is off to you for the choices in the selection of the photos you graciously posted as well. A very good cross section of the conditions of the day.
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                Great pics and drawings buddy!

                Great pics and drawings Thomas! I'm curious what period these pictures originate from.

                I'm currently decorating our new house and these pictures would look great in an old Victorian frame I suppose. Although I'm very fond of your website, it would be too much to have "" printed on pictures in my new living room (haha). Any possibilities to obtain copies of the original ones Thomas?


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                  thx everyone...

                  they were published 1901.
                  just tell me which ones you want (via e-mail) and i send them over.

                  take care


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                    Thomas, I'll let my wife choose them as she is the keeper of the castle over here (haha). I'll let you know as soon as possible through email. Danke schön mein Freund!


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                      These are brilliant photos. When I used to walk around there back in late 70's early 80's, it was still very similar to these photos but I 've heard that most of that area has been re-developed. I've not been back so haven't seen. Middlesex Street is always teeming with people. Leadenhall Market is also a good place to go, slightly further away.

                      I've also got some good photos, but no scanner. One that brings a smile to my face is the barrow man selling cat meat. Can't see many takers for that these days, can you?

                      On the subject of putting them into a frame. There's a painter that has some wonderful atmospheric paintings that I think most of us would love to own (well the prints I mean)

                      Unfortunately at this precise moment the name escapes me and even after a search on the net, I haven't found it. Hopefully it will return to me.


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                        Bump Up.................. of a great thread vom Herr Thomas Schachner back in 2007.
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