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  • I wonder if Miller’s first job over here was in the South Bank iron works? Was there a pattern of German iron workers from Offenbach coming over to the NE to work in that industry, as there was with the Hanoverian sugar bakers who ended up in the East End?


    • The Bolckow and Vaughan Iron Works was established at South Bank on Teesside in 1851. Bolckow, a German who had settled in Newcastle, was the financier, and Vaughan, a Welshman, was the Iron Master. They married two sisters and lived side by side in a pair of houses near their works in Middlesbrough. Their business was very successful and by 1907 their firm was said to be the largest producer of pig iron in the world.

      Based on a fairly cursory look at the 1871 census, the vast majority of those employed in the South Bank iron works were from NE England - Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland. After that, Wales and then Ireland made the largest contributions. There were a sprinkling of Germans, but not enough to suggest they provided any particular skills.

      Another delightful byway that I’ll have to follow.

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      • Two more birth certificates arrived today:

        Emilia Leonora Concordia Muller


        10, Liddell Street, North Shields

        Johann Franz Muller, a tailor

        Sophia Muller formerly Chill (signed x)

        Mary Adelaide


        Liddell Street, North Shields

        John Miller, a boarding house keeper

        Sophia Miller formerly Schill


        • Looking for JM’s death, I came across a man of that name who had died in Ship Alley in 1925. Ship Alley was just across the Highway from Breezer’s Hill and in 1887 contained numerous brothels, so this man at first looked promising.

          When I received this JM’s death cert it gave his occupation as ‘furniture dealer’ and his son’s address as Felbrigge Road, Goodmayes. Through the son’s details I discovered the father ran a sort of Old Curiosity Shop at 19, Ship Alley and also had a house in Wellclose Square itself. He was English born and obviously wasn’t our JM.

          However, it wasn’t a completely wasted effort, because it added another interesting character to the Highway story:

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          • According to a tree on Ancestry, there is a connection between the furniture dealing Millers of Wellclose Squsre and the Bousfields of Star Place/Street, Martha Tabram’s landlords.


            But I digress …