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Is this why John Satchell’s business didn’t thrive?

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    It’s amazing what snippets of info you can pick up from records like the Thames Police Court registers. Here are the entries for the crowd involved in the rearrangement of John Satchell’s furniture.

    The ages of Jerry and Maggie are helpful, as is the fact that they had the same informant/complainant, presumably their arresting police officer, D. Bostick 298H. That suggests to me they were arrested at the same location, quite possibly at an address in Artichoke Hill.
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      When John Satchell died in 1915, it was said that he had been the deputy of St Thomas’ Chambers in Heneage Street for 25 years. So it seems that at some point ca 1890 he had gone from being a business owner to an employee of the Oylers, the most prominent Lodging House owners in the East End.

      What was behind this change in his fortune?


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        Are you suggesting that Jeremiah Mccarthy's violence systematically put Satchell out of business?


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          I don’t know that I’d necessarily use the word systematically, but Satchell complained his business was being harmed by the gang’s activities. He also had a few problems in George Street in 1888, as we know, and shortly after that annus horribilis he went to work for the Oylers.

          Is it too far-fetched that there might have been a connection?

          I don’t have a theory about this. My interest is primarily in Maggie and Jerry in the Highway, and later her interaction with Billy Maher. I’m sure you’ll remember there was said to have been and old grudge between them.

          I love the contrast between the image of the very large woman dressed in mauve broché silk and carrying a bouquet of mauve sweet peas and white roses at her daughter’s wedding and her younger version as the girlfriend of the ‘wild beast’ Jerry McCarthy.


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            It strikes me that the court registers would be a useful source for police activity - eg to get a view of Mizen, Neil, Thane, Amos Simpson (perhaps).


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              Originally posted by Edward Stow View Post
              It strikes me that the court registers would be a useful source for police activity - eg to get a view of Mizen, Neil, Thane, Amos Simpson (perhaps).
              Good thinking, Batman.

              I’m planning to go back to the LMA and work my way through the registers. One thing I must have missed somehow was the 1888 conviction of Sarah Maywood for stealing a fiver from a man called Thoning. There may be other stuff I missed.

              I’ll go through each volume carefully and make a note of every item that contains an interesting name. I skipped past a number of Nodding entries last time.

              There were numerous Nodding, McCarthy, Sullivan, Kelly, Stride etc entries in the accused column. I didn’t really focus on the complainant one.